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Chelsea, 20 I reblog photos of clothing and complain about everything. There's not much going on here. I'm not too scary so don't be afraid to talk to me!

i gotta carry my phone around with me 24/7 just in case nobody texts me 

Earth Wind & Fire - September

"She can be pissed off and alive" (Injustice Gods Among Us #34)


Your not any less of a black girl if you don’t have a booty.

Your not any less of a black girl if you can’t dance.

Your not any less of a black girl if you don’t have any curves.

I find a lot of black girls feeling complacent if they do not have these certain attributes, that almost seem synonyms to Black Women. Your blackness is not and should not be defined by this.

I also see a lot of people, black or non black, who help perpetrate these stereotypes and it needs to end.


for ten years now, leonid tishkov has traveled the world with his moon. here we see him in arctic svalbard magdalene fjord (1,5,7), new zealand, near rangitito (second photo, taken by marcus williams), the tian shang observatory near the border between china and kyrgyzstan (third photo, by po-i chen) and moscow (4,6,8, taken by boris bendikov)

"the moon is a shining point that brings people together from different countries, of different nationalities and cultures - and everyone who gets in its orbit does not forget it ever. it gives fairytale and poetry in our prosy and mercantile world," leonid writes. "the moon helps us to overcome our loneliness in the universe by uniting us around it."

leonid adds, “the ancient ural peoples who lived in my home told a fairy tale about how a shaman goes into the next world, illuminating the path of the moon. so in all of my photos, i can be seen in my late father’s cloak, because he travels with me in this way.”




do purple and green go together?? ah i don’t give a shit


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